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Friday, November 01, 2013


Clemson (-17.5) vs. VIRGINIA Ohio State (-31) vs. PURDUE SOUTH CAROLINA (-12) vs. Miss State MICHIGAN STATE (-4) vs. Michigan Auburn (-8) vs. ARKANSAS MISSOURI (-10) vs. Tennessee Oklahoma State (-1) vs. TEXAS TECH FLORIDA STATE (-21) vs. Miami-FL

Monday, October 28, 2013

We Need Muschamp to Win

Besides this week, we need to Will Muschamp to win some game at Florida. I do not want him losing his job and Foley hiring someone like Art Briles or Chip Kelly. If that happen, we would be screwed.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


TEXAS A&M (-17.5) vs. Vanderbilt----- ALABAMA (-28) vs. Tennessee----- OREGON (-22.5) vs. Ucla----- MISSOURI (-2.5) vs. South Carolina----- OHIO STATE (-14.5) vs. Penn State----- Stanford (-4) vs. OREGON STATE----- ----------------------------------------- Liberty Co. @ Wayne Co.----- Collins Hill @ North Gwinett


PMac: 31-25----- P10we: 30-26----- JJBA: 28-28----- Pinkie: 21-35 -----------------------------------FIRST HALF WINNER IS PMAC!!!!PMac advances to championship weekend! If Pmac wins the 2nd half as well, he will be declared champion outright!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


*Final week of first half.*----- Oklahoma (-13.5) vs. Texas @ Dallas..... South Carolina (-5) vs. ARKANSAS..... LSU (-6.5) vs. Florida..... Oregon (-14) vs. WASHINGTON..... Stanford (-8) vs. UTAH..... Texas A&M (-6) vs. MISSISSIPPI..... Statesboro @ Liberty Co...... Valdosta @ Lowndes

Friday, October 04, 2013


*****Next week will be the last week of first half picks. If there is a tie, it will be broken in week 8. Thank you for the overwhelming support and participation!***** MIAMI-FL (-6.5) vs. Georgia Tech----- Mississippi (-3) vs. AUBURN----- FLORIDA (-12) vs. Arkansas----- Lsu (-9.5) vs. MISS ST.----- Ohio St. (-6.5) vs. NORTHWESTERN----- STANFORD (-7) vs. Washington----- Washington Co @ Lovett----- Jefferson @ Washington-Wilkes

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Red flags galore


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Georgia dominated North Texas outside of two plays. And anyone who was shocked about how that game played out has seen very few Georgia games under CMR. Hats off to the defense on one of their best performances in a while. Offense did what they had to given North Texas was damned and determind to stop the run............................... LSU game is just as big as Carolina was three weeks ago. I'm pretty confident in saying LSU is a little bit better than Carolina. LSU hasn't played the type of schedule Georgia has so I don't think anyone knows exactly how good the Tigers are. One thing I do know is that we MUST play better run defense. LSU will run no matter who the QB is or how well he is playing. The biggest deficiency under CTG has been the inability to stop the run. Only Herrera, Jenkins, and G. Smith have seen the type of physicalness that LSU will play with on Saturday. Mettenburger does have the ability to beat Georgia but I'd much rather see him beat us over the top than 40 carries for 200+ yards. The other things are the same as any week. Hopefully, Gurley won't fumble, and Murray won't throw it directly to the other team with not one of his guys within 10 yards. Marshall Morgan will be a factor and has to make a kick or two. A John Chavis defense will buckle down in the red zone and we have to get points when down there...................................... I think this game is 50/50. If the game was in Baton Rouge I'd go 60/40 LSU. Georgia's season isn't over with a loss like it would have been had we fallen to the Gamecocks. The MNC would be out the window however, and we'd have to win out to get to Atlanta. But moreso than all that, it's a game in the national spotlight, in Athens, with Gameday, against a top 5 program. Georgia needs to win a game like this with all time greats in Murray and Gurley on the same side of the ball. It will more than likely be a while before Georgia has a tandem like that at those two positions. Defense needs to play at least average and the offense needs to be great. I look for Gurley to have a day to remember.


GEORGIA TECH (-7) vs. Virginia Tech *Thursday* South Carolina (-7) vs. CENTRAL FLORIDA Oklahoma (-3.5) vs. NOTRE DAME ALABAMA (-15.5) vs. Ole Miss Texas A&M (-3) vs. ARKANSAS Ohio State (-7) vs. WISCONSIN Richmond Hill @ Glynn Valdosta @ Camden

Week 4 Results

GT,Tenn,Stan,Texas,Aub,USt;Statesboro,Ware PMac: 6-2 P10we: 6-2 JJBA: 5-3 Pinkie: 5-3 SEASON: PMac: 20-12 P10we: 19-13 JJBA: 18-14 Pinkie: 16-16 Dodson: 6-26 Anymouse: 4-28

Week 3 Results

UCLA,ORE,A&M,MSU,Vandy,Miss;Carrol,NG JJBA: 7-1 Dodson: 6-2 PMac: 6-2 P10we: 5-3 Pinkie: 2-6